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Podcasts are an easy and effective way to promote your business. People buy from people and in the Harbough Hustle we get to know a bit more about the people behind the business. This is absolutely not a “buy my product or service” hard sell – we want to get to know a bit more about you – but it’s often said that people buy from people and in getting to know you better, it will of course increase the profile of you and your company.

Martin sits down with the dynamic Lina Browning, a one-to-one diet consultant and private tutor with a passion for guiding others towards healthier lifestyles.

Lina takes us through her journey, from her interest in nutrition and weight loss to her proud moments of helping individuals achieve their goals.

The conversation delves into the challenges of the dieting industry, the importance of accountability, and the personal and professional lessons learned along the way. Join us as we explore the intersection of business, nutrition, and family life with Lina Browning on the Harborough Hustle podcast.

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Guest Bio

Lina struggled with losing weight for years, even though she thought she was doing everything right home cooking. It wasn’t until she saw a friend who had successfully lost weight using a meal replacement plan that she decided to try it herself. After seeing great results, Lina hasn’t looked back and considers it the best plan for her.

Show Overview

Lina Browning, a one-to-one diet consultant and private tutor with a passion for guiding others towards healthier lifestyles. Lina takes us through her journey, from her interest in nutrition and weight loss to her proud moments of helping individuals achieve their goals. The conversation delves into the challenges of the dieting industry, the importance of accountability, and the personal and professional lessons learned along the way. Join us as we explore the intersection of business, nutrition, and family life


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Full Transcript

Martin [00:00:00]:
Hello. I’m your podcast host, Martin Robson. Harborough Hustle proudly sponsors local charities. Check us out on Marketharboroughbiznetwork.co.uk where you can find a transcript of today’s podcast, all the links that are mentioned, posts you can share on social media to spread the word, and everything you need to know if you’d like to help our local charities. Find out more about our lovely sponsors. Today, I’m going to be speaking to Lina from the one 2 one diet. But just before we get into that conversation, let’s hear from our lovely sponsor.

Martin [00:00:35]:
Hey. It’s 2024. Is your website really pulling its weight when it comes to helping you compete In today’s market, have a chat with me, Martin, from RomanBritons.com to find out how you could use the latest technology and psychology to get ahead, all in plain English. Don’t delay. Call today. Welcome to this episode of Harborough Hustle, where I’m delighted to be chatting with Lina from the one 2 one Diet. Hi, Lina.

Lina [00:01:05]:
Hi, Martin.

Martin [00:01:07]:
Hey. I’m actually tired because I was working till way past midnight last night, which I don’t recommend to anybody and and try hard not to do. But Every then and again, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Lina [00:01:20]:
The beauty of being self employed.

Martin [00:01:22]:
Yeah. Something like that. Something like that. So, you’ll know all about that. You’re self employed. I know you’ve got more than 1 business. We’re gonna focus on the one to 1 diet. But before we get into that, Let’s just, reflect about you.

Martin [00:01:36]:
Could you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself, what you do? What do you like to do when you’re not doing what you do?

Lina [00:01:43]:
Oh my goodness. Oh, that’s gonna be a big question. So my name’s Lina. I live in Lutterworth. I have done for, nearly 9 years. I’ve been a one-to-one diet consultant After a teaching career for nearly 7 years, and I love it. I’ve got 4 children, and 2 dogs. I’m gonna mention the dogs.

Lina [00:02:06]:
You may get to hear them during this podcast at some point if you’re lucky. And, Yeah. When I’m not dot doing the one to 1 business. I’m also a private tutor and running around with the boys, doing activities. So, yeah, so quite busy lifestyle.

Martin [00:02:25]:
Okay. So loads of spare time then?

Lina [00:02:28]:
Lots of spare time.

Martin [00:02:32]:
alright. You said you private tutored. What do you tutor in?

Lina [00:02:34]:
So I’m a maths teacher. So I, after lockdown, I had quite a few people contact me Asking for help, and it’s just, you know, just, spilled into another business now doing private tuition every evening by the weekend. Se. Yeah.

Martin [00:02:52]:
Okay. Alright. So dieting in the day and maths in the evening? Or

Lina [00:02:55]:
Yeah. Dieting by the day. Yeah. Definitely. Maths by night.

Martin [00:03:02]:
so, I mean, there are lots of different dieting programs, and like I say, we’ll we’ll talk more specifically about one 2 one in a bit. But What kinda got you into into the dieting business in the 1st place?

Lina [00:03:13]:
Well, I was wanting to lose weight myself, and, I I was someone who was Signed up to, Slimming World for years thinking, oh, I’m doing great here. I’m following the plan. You know, I do a lot of cooking from scratch, so it it’s easy to fall into, You know, that trap of thinking I’m eating well, and this this this is what I should be doing, dot But what wasn’t really successful at it. And then I saw a friend of mine who had lost a significant amount of weight, and I thought, oh my goodness. What have you done? So she told me how, she had stumbled across, this, meal replacement plan. And, of course, I had to get in touch to find out, you know, if it would work for me. And I haven’t looked back I haven’t looked back. It’s the best plan.

Lina [00:04:00]:
it’s the one that I lost weight with twice. I will say twice. I lost it initially and then put it back on through having more children and then lost it again. So that’s how I came across this this diet initially.

Martin [00:04:14]:
It’s quite interesting talking about losing weight, putting it back on. You know, I think a lot of people, especially in kind of the the start of a a year, you know, have these resolutions to lose weight. and losing it is is arguably maybe the easier of the 2 things versus keeping it off.

Lina [00:04:33]:

Martin [00:04:34]:
So, dot if you got any general sort of, tips or observations on on weight loss, and the industry.

Lina [00:04:44]:
Yeah. It’s been interesting being in this business nearly 7 years now and seeing the different type of diet as I get through the door. You know, a lot come through for health reasons and wanting to change that health and wanting to keep that weight off. You get other dieters that just want to hit it for a few weeks, just to feel better, more comfortable on holiday. And I’m not here to judge, you know, what’s right or what’s wrong. I will support whoever with whatever they want to do. however, if we talk from a health point of view and people who want to make that change long term, and I think that that covers a lot of us, but we struggle with it, then, you know, they need the support with maintenance more so than losing the weight. I do feel we’ve got a great vehicle, dot for the weight loss, and it happens quite quickly.

Lina [00:05:28]:
Some with some dieters, it takes a bit of time for the head to catch up with that weight loss, So that maintenance is really important and still continuing to have the support through that.

Martin [00:05:38]:
Okay. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. And, again, Just one thing I I know personally from from having met you is, weight loss is is Often what people talk about because weight is something everyone understands. Everyone either understands kilograms or they understand stones and pounds. they’ve got an idea of what they are, what they wanna be, and it’s a measure that’s easily relatable across. But, Normally, well, I think often people don’t actually necessarily want to lose weight. What they want to do is lose, perhaps, fat instead of muscle, for example, or something like that.

Martin [00:06:20]:
So, How how do you go about kind of monitoring that?

Lina [00:06:25]:
Well, as you know, Martin, I decided to invest in some wonderful body composition analysis, scales that gets a better insight. Now we’ve got our protocol with, the one to one diet on who we can help. You know, we’ve got a strict medical, Roman protocol behind us, and they do still link that with BMI. Now I’ve taken that a step further to look into individuals’ body fat Because, ultimately, that’s what we do. We help bring down that body fat element, which is going to help with that, an individual’s health. And it’s a great way to monitor it. So, yes, I’ve I have invested in some, wonderful professional medically graded, I will say that, dot Composition scales, so not your cheaper, £30 scales off Amazon. They’re they’re good professional ones that will give a good reading and a good indicator on those elements as well.

Martin [00:07:16]:
I was gonna ask you when you said about professional there because, like you say, I mean, you can buy body composition scales off off Amazon. So Are these things just that much more accurate?

Lina [00:07:27]:
Yeah. I mean, if you look at your scales, the sort of, the the plates on the bottom of the scale should be quitebig so that it’s reading through your feet well. With mine, I’ve got a hand grip as well. So what it does is it it it kind of Reads through to probably the waist on both elements, and they meet and then give a prediction through that. Now if you’ve only got scales that dot, you know, for feet only, which the majority that you probably could pick up off Amazon at a reasonable price. It’s not going to be as accurate as something that’s reading you, Right through through your upper body as well as your lower body, and it is to do with that surface area that, you know, your your body is exposed to. So, yeah, it’s Worth, you know, having a composition reading for that reason on their professional scales. You know? And beyond me, they they do pop up in local gyms.

Lina [00:08:15]:
You know? I think, Letterworth, they’ve got, the same machine as me, at the sports center. So, yeah, they’re they’re available, out and about dot I

Martin [00:08:25]:
must admit that’s that’s the first time I came across something like this was in a local sports centre. Mhmm. It gave you your analysis. Because, obviously, you’re going down. One of the things that people do is go to fitness, and and maybe, you know, that’s going to result in a little bit of muscle gain. Yeah. Which is weight gain, but you’re going there in order to lose weight. So, obviously, like I say, you you’ve got to know the difference between, .goodweightandbadweight, if you think.

Lina [00:08:52]:
Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. You know, I also feel that, our diet can be quite, dot restricted during the week. And if someone comes in and they jump on the scales on just body weight scales and they think, oh, I haven’t lost anything, You know, it’s great to get a bit better insight to why. So water could be up, muscle mass, protein, all those elements to why it’s not showing on a body weight scale. Com. So it’s great to see that, potentially, the body fat has come down as well.

Lina [00:09:18]:
So, you know, it just gives a a a, you know, in more in-depth reading.

Martin [00:09:23]:
Okay. You, you know a a consultant Roman to 1. Can anybody do that? Do you need any form of training at all?

Lina [00:09:34]:
Anybody. Anyone who’s looking for a business opportunity can come into the business. You know, my my consultant who I lost weight with asked me, Well, it’d be about 14 years ago now to to come in the business. I was like, no. No. No. You know, I just want to be a full time Roman because I gave up teaching to be a full time mom. but anyone could come into the business.

Lina [00:09:54]:
We provide training. There’s support. We have a great mentor program. I know, dot That that’s what helped me Hustle to understand the business with me having someone who’s been in the business for years. And, you know, and beyond that, you’ve got, you know, your local regional, council that can help support you, and head office. So there’s anyone can be A weight loss consultant whether you’ve lost weight or not. Most people understand, you know, that losing weight is a big thing in society, and and potentially Market there, that could support others to to lose weight and get to targets that they want to get to where they feel comfortable.

Martin [00:10:34]:
Okay. I mean, I I imagine that, obviously, having a certain amount of empathy and psychology with with your clients is very important. What about the the kind of medical side of things? I me. Is this stuff safe?

Lina [00:10:46]:
Well, yeah, we’re proven to be safe. The great thing about this diet and why I’m still here is we’ve got so much research behind us. we started off in the medical world with doctor Alan Howard, 40 years ago. I’m gonna say to this year is our 40th Yeah. We’d be we know what we’re doing. We’ve been going 40 years. We’ve got research behind us. But not only that, we’ve got the expertise within head office.

Lina [00:11:08]:
We’ve got a fabulous Medical team, so you don’t have to be, medically trained. We’ve got all that on tap to us. You know, we’ve got a strict protocol that we follow on who can diet, you know, or what steps. We have a step, program as well. So there’s something there to be suit you know, that’s suitable for most people, dot to to follow, but we we do look at lifestyle budget and, you know, medical history as well. The other, expertise we’ve got behind us is, an absolutely fantastic nutritionist. So understanding those elements with food and, you know, supporting our dieters, we’ve got we’ve got that person that we we’ve got as a go to, to help support our dieters as well.

Martin [00:11:49]:
Okay. And, a couple of times you mentioned, you know, sort of protocols for, dot, people you can accept. So, I mean, is there a sort of can you give an example of someone you would say, well, no. Sorry. I I can’t work with you?

Lina [00:12:02]:
Yeah. So we have some contraindicated. Obviously, we have to be aware of a eating disorders, you know, if anyone’s on any medication or have had previous eating disorders. So we’ll be reluctant to help those individuals. You know, some you know, an example would be someone who’s, currently, struggling with cancer. You know, we can help people who are in remission. So, you know, they’ve gotta be extreme medical, cases, But we do have contra indicated, but the majority of people, I would say, would fall into our umbrella where we could support them.

Martin [00:12:35]:
Okay. That’s great. So We talked about sort of the the industry in general and and various bits and pieces. You’re one to 1. I know, obviously, you know, there there are various other programs out there that are all looking to achieve the same thing. So what is it about the the one to 1 diet that that made you decide that’s the one that you wanna promote?

Lina [00:12:57]:
Well, it worked for me, for starters. And, you know, the other thing I love is that, You know, we had a marketing company come out to review us saying we’re the world’s best kept secret. We need to shout out about what we do. And I agree. You know, not many people have heard of s, and we need to get you know, and, hopefully, this will help with getting the message out with how what, you know, how fab we are. But, Yeah. So what what made me decide on this one? Well, you get one to 1 support. You know, with Slimming World’s, other you know, I shouldn’t mention them by organization, Weight Watchers, any other diet.

Lina [00:13:31]:
They’re normally groups. What’s unique about us is the one to 1 support. So it’s tailored to you. We do look at Your, you know, your lifestyle, your budget, your medical history, and we try and tailor a program that will suit you, through a carefully devised, 6 set plan that we have going right from meal replacement, complete meal replacement, to incorporating conventional food. But what’s important about our plan is getting you to the end step where you are eating a better balanced, healthy diet by the time you get to the end of the steps program. So that that’s why I love this, and I think it’s quite organic in the way that it has been devised. That if people do follow it, It does work, and it helps you reset portions if that was your issue. It helps you eat healthier, more nutritious meals if that was the issue that led to to weight gain.

Lina [00:14:21]:
And it just helps you kind of have that space as well as you’re pulling the food out, bringing foods back in to to, you know, reevaluate what what your diet is. So that’s why I love it.

Martin [00:14:32]:
Okay. And when you say about, bringing foods back in, so is the kind of program you you have, dot, specific products, and then, eventually, you have less of the products or more of, what can I call it, real food?

Lina [00:14:48]:
Yeah. Yeah. Conventional food. Conventional

Martin [00:14:51]:
food. If

Lina [00:14:51]:
you if you like me, you can see. I mean, obviously, you know, people listening to this won’t be able to see. I’ve got a range of products. They’re all meal replacements. Each prod product is designed to have a third of your nutritional needs. So by having 3 of the products, you’ve com you’ve got complete nutrition. Having said that, we’ve got steps where you have just 2 of the products and can mix with conventional food. And we look at, you know, food lists in recommending types of foods that you should have.

Lina [00:15:20]:
With meal replacements, you get your nourishment. You you know, a lot of people are worried about potentially that, you know, they’re substituting real food with meal replacements, but we do We do look at that. We’ve got our own product development team. We make the majority of our products as well. You know, and we we try think of all the elements that’s, are gonna help, with being successful on, weight loss. But as I say, that part’s a vehicle to help you keep control in the early stages, and then it’s moving into the conventional food that’s key, to how you succeed with maintenance as well.

Martin [00:15:58]:
yeah. So that’s the way that you will continue to maintain the weight as opposed to go and put it all back on again?

Lina [00:16:04]:
Yeah. Yeah.

Martin [00:16:06]:
brilliant. Is there anything you think that people don’t really think about enough before they start to engage with with

Lina [00:16:13]:
a diet consultant? Yeah. What what I will say is I probably don’t get people contact me straight away. One, it could be fear of thinking they can’t do this plan. You know? If I can do it, anybody can. You know? It’s as simple as that. I think sometimes it sounds quite severe, And individuals worry about the social element, for instance, with how do I accommodate a plan like this and socialize. You know, At the end of the day, I think we all have to realize there’s gotta be lifestyle changes if you want to lose weight, And it’s being prepared to to do that, really. However, having said that, you know, again, I said earlier, you know, we do, dot, look at lifestyle in that individual when we’re choosing a program.

Lina [00:17:00]:
So if that is something where you you eat out regularly, there there is, you know, what what I would call a step 3 plan, or you have 2 products, but you’ve got 600 calories in conventional food. It can be accommodated, but it will be restricted. So I think that’s that, Fear of thinking, am I going to be able to do this? Am I going to be able to succeed on this diet? It seems quite, strict. And in comparison to other diets out there, it does, and it is. However, it gets results, you know, and it gets those results quick, quickly. I think other things are, you know, that I’ve heard, banded about, oh, you know, from doctors saying family have said, you don’t want to do that. You’re gonna put all the weight on and more? Well, research has shown that isn’t the case. So there’s a lot of myths around this diet.

Lina [00:17:47]:
You know, meal replacements aren’t great for you. you know, our food is based on same sort of principle as baby food so that you’re getting the right nutrition. So, you know, those products are great for you, and a lot of people after a couple of weeks feel great on on those products because their body is probably getting The best Britons. It has done for a while, you know, but and then we’ve got to obviously keep that going through conventional food. So, yeah, dot It’s interesting what you hear around meal replacements.

Martin [00:18:14]:
And when we’re talking meal replacements, do you just mean, like, shakes?

Lina [00:18:19]:
Not just shakes. We’ve got a great range many, many years ago. I expect there were shakes, but we do have shakes, soups, porridge, Fantastic bars and bites, smoothies. You know, there’s there’s a vast range now. even down to water flavorings, if you struggle to drink water, because that’s one of the key things as well, we don’t necessarily drink enough water. you know, on average, we should be drinking about 2 liters a day. On this diet, we recommend 2.25 liters. So, you know, it’s encouraging people to drink that fluid as well.

Martin [00:18:52]:
yeah. I don’t know if I’m on a personal basis. I don’t drink enough water. So, again, for the people who can, see see the pod, dot on on YouTube, you’ll notice that I am attempting to drink a little bit of water. But I got through a glass, and I’ve been dot working for about 3 hours now. So, probably a glass in 3 hours is not quite cutting it, is it?

Lina [00:19:13]:
Not really. Do you think you’re gonna hit your 2 liters by the end of the day, Martin?

Martin [00:19:18]:
End of the week, possibly, Lina. Yeah. Is there anything that that looking back, I mean, you said, you know, you you’ve done the, the consultancy, role, you know, in addition to your your tutoring role, that you wish you’d known earlier, in your journey. You know, maybe you’ve a message for a young Galina.

Lina [00:19:40]:
Youngelina. I should have started sooner. You know? Being a full time mom was important to me when I gave up teaching, and that was my focus. However, having started this, you know, years later, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it. I’m obviously a people person. I I went into teaching for that Roman, probably. I just love what I’m doing and meeting different people and helping them. So I just wish I started it a lot sooner when I was asked first time around about it, and it’s a great business that I work around the children now.

Lina [00:20:14]:
And, also, the other thing that I did early days is I probably treated my business as a hobby. Didn’t take it as seriously. And when I did step into it, it was because I had to consider going back into full time work. And my consultant asked me again, you know, well, why not consider this? And my response was, do you know what? I’ll try it for a year. If it works, great. But if it doesn’t, back DoctorTeach, and I Go. You know? But, so I wasn’t really believing how great the opportunity could be. And I think if I would have Hustle looked into it a bit better.

Lina [00:20:50]:
I may have realized what a great opportunity this business would have been right from the start and not have treated it as a hobby. So, yeah, that’s what I would tell my younger self if I came into it again.

Martin [00:21:01]:
It’s so interesting, you know, to go through these, go through the show and the different episodes, and obviously asking people similar questions. The number of times that people have said, I wish I’d done it earlier. Com, because we’re talking with, obviously, Hustle, entrepreneurs, people, you know, who are working for themselves, and and it’s a risk. You know, quite clearly, if you’ve been in paid employment before, your circumstances were different. But, the the most common answer is, dot I wish I’d started earlier. So it’s interesting, isn’t it? Yeah. Because it it’s challenging as well-being self employed.

Lina [00:21:37]:
Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. You know? And I say I saw it as a hobby, and, you know, past that could have been. It’s small startup fees for for this business. And I think if you if you if you start with a business and, You know, your costs are high. You need to hit the ground running, really, to kind of, you know, get going and make sure it’s not gonna be too much of a loss, dot with running that business. But because the it was such a small start up cost, I think it was easy to say as, Oh, yeah. I’ll fit that in with the children.

Lina [00:22:06]:
Diaries have come to me. They’ll contact me. You know, I’ll just put 1 post out about my weight loss journey, and that’s enough. Of course, it’s not enough. You know? The marketing does come into play, and it needs to be you know, you’d be need to be talking about it all the time. And and, you know, I’m passionate com about this, and you’ve gotta show that to people all the time, I think, for it to be a successful business as well.

Martin [00:22:27]:
Yeah. That’s really interesting because that’s the other thing that that comes across. people saying that the marketing part of it is a bit that they underestimated,

Lina [00:22:38]:

Martin [00:22:38]:
know, in in the business. I think everybody, myself included, you know, goes into the business they’re doing because they enjoy whatever that business is. You know? I mean, you’ve got the, diet management, for yourself. We’ve got websites, digital Market. Digital marketing for me and still, you know, I market other people pretty well. But, dot Market myself. Yeah. Still got things to learn.

Martin [00:23:03]:

Lina [00:23:05]:
There’s always learning to be done, isn’t there?

Martin [00:23:07]:
Absolutely. Absolutely. So have you got, anybody, you know, in a well, I was gonna say in a business sense, but it doesn’t have to be in a business sense that you you currently, dot admire now and and look up to, and and why would that be?

Lina [00:23:22]:
Yeah. Now yeah. It’s not in a business sense, but the person who’s had biggest impact on my life, and I know it’s probably, you know, a typical person to say, is my mom. You know, we we sadly won’t grace with her for long. She sadly lost her life at the age of 40. However, those ethics that she had have really stuck with me, and I feel molded me as a person today. So just her work ethics with being you know, she was a full time nurse. Market of, our childhood, my parents run a successful restaurant as well, You know, and the fact that they grafted with that.

Lina [00:23:53]:
She was a full time nurse, but she was an amazing cook and mom, and I always remember her being around as a mother. And I, Now I have 4 children, and I’m running a business around them. I look back and think, how on earth did she do all that? You know? So, yeah, she’s had a major impact to my life, and, I think she’s molded me into the person that I am, and especially with family values and things like that. So, yeah, that’s the one I will always admire as a result of that.

Martin [00:24:19]:
Fantastic answer. And I mean, I you know, some of the guests come on, I I barely know them at all. Obviously, I do know you reasonably well and I know that, Besides running this business and doing the math tutoring, you have, at various points done home tutoring as well. Of yes. And your children belong to everything. So you’re also a full time taxi driver and and all the rest of it, as many parents will will relate to. So yeah. That that multitasking of doing so many different things.

Lina [00:24:54]:
Yeah. , and

Martin [00:24:55]:
being present for your kids is something, you know, I’m always amazed the extent to which you manage it.

Lina [00:25:01]:
It’s yeah. It’s not easy. You know? Sometimes I sit back Thank goodness me. What are you doing, Lida? But, I clearly love it. You know? You know, I I will say Last weekend where we had a couple events on as well as a birthday party, you know, it did take its toll, and I was quite tired. But you get through it, you push through and, and then you reflect back and think, you know what? I really enjoyed it, so it was worth it. So yeah. Yeah.

Lina [00:25:27]:
Can’t believe you’ve been any different.

Martin [00:25:30]:
I I imagine you don’t watch a massive amount of TV.

Lina [00:25:35]:
Yeah. No. I still find time, you know, for little bits and pieces. But yeah. Yeah. You know, we’re most nights, I was Talking to my daughter not not so long ago, about time. And, and I and I looked back, and we went through each day, and I thought, You know what? Most nights, I’m not done until about 9 half 9, actually. You know? So yeah.

Lina [00:25:57]:
Yeah. That was kind of a A moment of, oh, no wonder I don’t find time for other things. So I’ve promised my girl something that I want to do is to, create a mamaelina’s cookbook. All my favorite things that they like to all all their favorite things, I should say, that they like to eat or ask mum to cook for them. And I said that about 2 years ago, and I still haven’t got round to producing this book. So that’s where the conversation, I think, stems from. And it’s like, do you know what? No wonder I’m not finding time because of all these things, but there will be time. And they keep saying, come on, mom.

Lina [00:26:34]:
You gotta put it all down so we can have it. And that’s something that I look back on. You know, I’m half Pakistani, half Italian. So Some great cooks we’ve grown up with, not realizing it through childhood, but I certainly realize it now. And, I wish I had certain recipes from my grand my grandma, my auntie Olive, my my aunts and uncles in Italy. So, you know, I thought, you know what? I need to put this down in a cookbook so my children have got it, and they can look back on it with, you know, fond memories as well. So, yeah, that that’s something dot That’s in the pipeline that I need to action.

Martin [00:27:10]:
Excellent. We’re gonna keep an eye out for that cooking with mama Lina. I I do wanna just check though, it’s not a cunning plan. And I say this because back in the day, many, many years ago, I used to go out with a fitness instructor. And, one of the things that she would do is I go around to her place and she’d give me homemade cake and and homemade sweets and things. I’m like, isn’t this gonna have like the opposite effect? And she said, well, exactly. E. You know, I mean, that’s what I do for my clients.

Martin [00:27:37]:
I give them nice cakes, and then they need to come and see me for work, so it keeps my business going. There’s nothing in mamalina’s like that, is there?

Lina [00:27:46]:
I say, you know, would I do that? Look. Everyone is responsible for their own diet dot And, to manage that. And, if they need any help along the way, I’m here. You know? That’s all I can say. But, you know, it’s good home cooking, which is much better than those processed foods out there. So, you know, the same with the cakes, Martin. Those cakes are probably better than the shop bought ones. So, you know, there’s some positive elements there as well.

Martin [00:28:12]:
I like that message. Cake is cake is good if it’s made

Lina [00:28:14]:
it happy. Everything in moderation. Everything in moderation.

Martin [00:28:17]:
That was the message, was it? I quietly I misconstrued it slightly. What about let let’s this thing, honesty time. What do you what would you say is one of the biggest mistakes that you’ve made in business?

Lina [00:28:31]:
biggest mistake. Oh, now. Yeah. I I you know, touching back on that, Treating this as a hobby, you know. I could have had, a more successful business quicker. I think that that’s probably the biggest mistake. you know, I always want to learn. So right from the start of, coming into this, I was fascinated with learning more about, you know, diet and the types of diets that are out there, nutrition.

Lina [00:29:00]:
You know, I’m I’m not a nutritionist, but we’ve got our nutritionist behind us. But I love reading, dot you know, about all the elements and, you know, even myths around diets. So I would say it’s just that, Yeah. It’s, treating it like a hobby. That’s probably the biggest mistake I made.

Martin [00:29:18]:
Okay. That’s that’s, yeah. I I can understand that. Let’s flip it around then and and talk about, a proudest business moment so far.

Lina [00:29:29]:
I would say it’s, from a slimmer story. I had a lady who contacted me who had just got told that she had to start medication for diabetes. So supported her, with her weight loss. She lost 8 stone, and, I put her in for a slimmer story with head office. So every year, we we have the opportunity to submit stories of our slimmers that we think are, you know, fabulous, Hustle and I submitted her story. And she didn’t get shortlisted, but they did contact me a few weeks after to run her story in local magazines, local press, national press, and she’s now on our website as one of our slivers. So I would say that that’s a proud moment to see her there representing us as an organization with her weight loss journey And how she managed to reverse that condition. You know, she came to me because she didn’t want to be on medication.

Lina [00:30:24]:
Up until that point, she was never interested in dieting, But that was the thing that changed it for her. So being able to share that story that a lot of people can probably relate to, you know, ensuring that she could improve her health, And she’s living a much better, healthier lifestyle now.

Martin [00:30:40]:
Yeah. No. That’s fantastic. Every time when we talk in business about, you know, what’s your proudest moment, it’s almost always where you’ve been able to help someone, beyond what you expected to be able to help them. That’s that’s

Lina [00:30:54]:
Oh, yeah.

Martin [00:30:56]:
And so, you know, particularly, you know, when you’re talking about medical situation like that, then that is fantastic.

Lina [00:31:01]:
We’ve got another, story that that I think the one that will always stick with me, and it’s a dieter that came to me, one of my first dieters, dot a chap who was on triple medication for hypertension, he was on medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure. And He had managed to come off with all that medication and actually said his doctor stood up and shook his hand, and couldn’t believe, you know, the results that he got. And that was someone who lost 12 stone. Com. So that’s another, proud moment as well within, you know, helping people.

Martin [00:31:35]:
Yeah. That’s incredible.

Lina [00:31:37]:

Martin [00:31:38]:
we do see, you know, the kinda headline moments are, you know, I’ve I’ve lost 8 stone. I lost 12 stone. I mean, for someone like me who doesn’t even weigh 12 stone, dot you know, I think, is that relatable? So, I mean, just just flipping back. I mean, for people who, you know, perhaps not, dot, technically obese or morbidly obese. You know, they’re just a bit overweight and want to shape up. Is this also the sort of thing that they could go on?

Lina [00:32:02]:
Absolutely. You know, going to the other scale I had, interesting, you say, personal trainer. I’ve actually had a personal trainer contact me, dot who wanted to lose weight, but, you know, it wasn’t a significant amount. But, obviously, you know, they’re used to a certain way. It’s someone who, in later life, it’s harder to lose weight dot And us women, you know, through menopause. That’s another area where I get a lot of people contact me. You know, start to struggle to lose weight. You know, so she contacted me just to hit a stone, but to feel much better in herself, just to to hit that little bit of weight.

Lina [00:32:34]:
So, yes, you know, we can help. I I kinda mentioned those, individuals that, come to me just before a holiday, and want to lose weight and feel better for their holiday. And it won’t necessarily be a big amount, foot Hustle enough for them to feel comfortable enough, to go on holiday. So, absolutely, we can help anybody.

Martin [00:32:51]:
That’s good to know. Good to know. Tell me, Lina, if if you weren’t working in in this industry, what do you think you’d be doing?

Lina [00:32:59]:
Math teaching, probably. You know, it’s another thing that I enjoy doing. Com. Yeah. So I’ll probably go back to teaching. Who knows? Maybe run a private tuition get my words out, private tuition business. That’s been something, you know, that that’s been quite a surprise that I’ve ended up in, once I’ve started this Dieting business. And I have to say, when I was teaching at school, if I was doing a one to 1, I was like, oh gosh.

Lina [00:33:27]:
This is a long hour. Whereas now, I absolutely love it, And it’s great to see individuals, grow within those sessions. So, yeah, I’ll I I wouldn’t put that pass me in opening up a maybe a private Britons, business.

Martin [00:33:43]:
Interesting. Actually, one of the things that, Perhaps not many people know about me is I used to live in Turkey, and I used to teach English, there. And and I started off in a school, but then I I went self employed. And my wife, Ganahl, is is an extremely good cook. So we ended up, doing, dot, learn English and learn English cuisine at the same time, so people would come to our our house and we conduct the whole evening in English and and feed them. So, maybe there’s something in there with a mamalina and with the mass Yeah. And all the rest of it. You know?

Lina [00:34:16]:
A a future business venture, Martin.

Martin [00:34:18]:
Yeah. It could be. Could be. I mean, future business venture is interesting because, I mean, I I normally ask people, is there I mean, we use the term bucketlist. Everybody likes that. Britons, something that you you really want to achieve that, you know, you haven’t quite got there yet.

Lina [00:34:34]:
Yeah. I’m quite scared to say this, actually, but it’s something that, My daughters and, I said we were going to do, and then lockdown hit. What a shame. But I have a fear of heights. And, you know, sometimes it’s good to push yourself out your comfort zone to do something, and I say that to my children all the time. And dot We we said that we would do a parachute jump for, charity, and it never did, dot you know, coming to fruition, and that’s because of lockdown. And then we’ve all kind of forgotten about it conveniently, you know, and I’m, You know, reluctant to kind of say, hey. Do you remember we said we were going to do that?

Martin [00:35:18]:
So you were just telling me that, you might possibly do a parachute jump, but it’s a big secret. And and now, you know, I

Lina [00:35:25]:
I can’t think I’ve said that.

Martin [00:35:26]:
Yeah. I’m not sure if you’re quite aware of exactly how many people listen to this, but, there’s a few, more than a few.

Lina [00:35:34]:
Oh, dear.

Martin [00:35:35]:
There we go. I wouldn’t worry about it, dot, parishion. I mean, at the end of the day, you know, if you get it wrong, you don’t have to do it again. So

Lina [00:35:42]:
Good point. Yeah. Oh, dear. Yeah. So I I I do feel that, you know, it’s anything like business. You tell us all about your business. You gotta do it. And even with this diet, That accountability comes into play.

Lina [00:35:56]:
So what I’ve done is, you know, created a bit of accountability there by telling everybody that I said I would do this. You know, and it it works with the diet. You know, when people come to see me weekly, it’s about that accountability as well. So, you know, I need you to say it to, Action it, I think.

Martin [00:36:13]:
Yeah. No. It’s it’s a really very, very good point. I I belong to a couple of, groups, you know, in in in my industry. , and Hustle that is for the accountability thing. It’s it’s very, very easy, you know, both in in your personal life dot, and again, in your business life, if you’re a self employed person, you know, who holds you accountable. Yes. You can hold yourself, but, it’s dot.

Martin [00:36:40]:
It’s easier in some ways. Easier and harder at the same time if you’ve got somebody else holding you. So, all you’ve got is, you know, dot a a growing number of listeners to this podcast to hold you accountable.

Lina [00:36:54]:
Oh, I’ll be contacting my girls later.

Martin [00:36:59]:
We’ll see posters up in London. It’d be fantastic. Oh my goodness. Okay. So Where can we get hold of you, Lina? You know, socials, website, all that sort of stuff.

Lina [00:37:10]:
Yeah. So under the umbrella of our one to 1 diet, dot webpage, or website. I’ve got a webpage. And if you put in ww. the word 1 digit 2 word 1 diet, /capitallinab, Lina b. That should bring you to my web page, under that umbrella. Also, I am on a on Facebook, dot And my Facebook link is leena.one to 1 diet by CWP Lutterworth. So if you type that in, you’ll be able to find me on there as well.

Martin [00:37:48]:
Fantastic. And and for everybody listening who didn’t quite catch that, obviously, we do have all of the show notes. You know, if you go across to the Marketharborobiznetwork, dot there’s a page all about this particular podcast, the podcast itself, all the links that that Lina’s talked about, and and a nice, hopefully, it’d be nice. It will because I’ll write it. Article all about, Lina in this episode and and what we’ve talked about. So do make sure to go there. And while you’re there, follow the links across to to Lina’s, website and her socials. Brilliant.

Martin [00:38:21]:
Just before I let you go, Lina, one thing I always ask people is, is there anything I haven’t asked you that I should have?

Lina [00:38:28]:
I think you’ve covered it nice and thoroughly, Martin. And, you know, thank you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity as well to, you know, talk about my business and the one to 1 diet, and hopefully, people will come and explore it a bit more.

Martin [00:38:46]:
yeah. Well, hopefully, they hopefully, they will and, you know, it’s always worth having a a chat with you. I know, you know, from my own experience, you know, that your Your knowledge in this area is is vast, and you do like to to really kind of get under the surface. So, you know, and and I assume, you know, just having that initial chat with you is a no obligation thing.

Lina [00:39:10]:
Yeah. That’s worth mentioning actually that, you know, do come and seek me out. Do come and talk to me about it. It is non obligate, obligation to to sign up. so yeah. You know, obviously, it’s important for you to find out that this is going to be the right plan for you. You know, we we all succeed on different and it’s finding that right one for you. So it it you’ve gotta come and find out about it to know.

Lina [00:39:33]:
So, yes, no charge. Come and ask questions, and I’m more than happy to answer anything about the diet.

Martin [00:39:41]:
Brilliant. Right. Well, Hustle while Norman joins in there for a minute, I’ll go. Yep.

Lina [00:39:44]:
Com. Sorry. I’ve got 7 trains in the garden looking at the land mall.

Martin [00:39:47]:
So going on. Well, let me just very quickly, talk to Talk to our guest, you know, who’s gonna be holding you accountable. Hey, listener. Show some love for Nina by checking out all the show notes on, as we said, marketharborbiznetwork.co.uk/broadcast. Even better, join in. Leave a comment. Leave a question, suggestion. We appreciate learning.

Martin [00:40:10]:
If you’d like to be a guest on the show, then, again, go along to our website, where’s all the details that you need. And if you’d like to sponsor the show as well, got some great offers going at the moment. You have been listening to Harborough Hustle. I would just like to thank our sponsor for this episode, Britons. And, Lina, thanks very much again.

Lina [00:40:32]:
And thank you, Martin.

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“Weight Loss Journeys: And I haven’t looked back. It’s the best plan.”

— Lina [00:03:58 → 00:04:00]

The Importance of Long-Term Health: “However, if we talk from a health point of view and people who want to make that change long term, and I think that that covers a lot of us, but we struggle with it, then, you know, they need the support with maintenance more so than losing the weight.”

— Lina [00:05:10 → 00:05:22]

The Importance of Body Composition Analysis in Health: “Now I’ve taken that a step further to look into individuals’ body fat Because, ultimately, that’s what we do. We help bring down that body fat element, which is going to help with that, an individual’s health.”

— Lina [00:06:45 → 00:06:56]

Viral Topic: Importance of Body Composition Reading

Quote: “It’s worth having a composition reading for that reason on their professional scales.”

— Lina [00:08:08 → 00:08:11]

Becoming a Weight Loss Consultant: “Anyone can be a weight loss consultant, whether you’ve lost weight or not.”

— Lina [00:10:15 → 00:10:19]

Viral Topic: Dieting Protocol and Support

Quote: “We’ve got a fabulous Medical team, so you don’t have to be, medically trained. We’ve got all that on tap to us.”

— Lina [00:11:12 → 00:11:14]

Weight Loss Program: “What’s unique about us is the one to 1 support. So it’s tailored to you. We do look at Your, you know, your lifestyle, your budget, your medical history, and we try and tailor a program that will suit you, through a carefully devised, 6 set plan that we have going right from meal replacement, complete meal replacement, to incorporating conventional food.”

— Lina [00:13:32 → 00:13:54]

Viral Topic: Overcoming Fears and Making Lifestyle Changes

Quote: “If I can do it, anybody can. You know? It’s as simple as that. I think sometimes it sounds quite severe, And individuals worry about the social element, for instance, with how do I accommodate a plan like this and socialize. You know, At the end of the day, I think we all have to realize there’s gotta be lifestyle changes if you want to lose weight, And it’s being prepared to to do that, really.”

— Lina [00:16:25 → 00:16:51]

Myth-busting and Results: “However, it gets results, you know, and it gets those results quick, quickly.”

— Lina [00:17:27 → 00:17:32]

The Power of Transformation: “I would say that that’s a proud moment to see her there representing us as an organization with her weight loss journey And how she managed to reverse that condition.”

— Lina [00:30:12 → 00:30:22]

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2/ Lina’s passion for nutrition and weight loss led her to become a one-to-one diet consultant. She’s not just about numbers on a scale, but about transforming lives through ongoing support and a holistic approach to wellness.

3/ From helping individuals come off medications for diabetes to aiding those with hypertension, Lina’s work has been nothing short of extraordinary. She’s not just changing bodies, she’s changing lives!

4/ Beyond her thriving consultancy business, Lina’s heart for teaching and empowering others shines through. Her dedication to making a positive impact is evident in her multi-faceted career as a private tutor.

5/ Lina’s plans for a parachute jump for charity show her fearless spirit. Despite setbacks, she’s a shining example of perseverance and determination in both her personal and professional endeavors.

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Key Takeaways from the Episode:

1. Emphasizing Accountability: We discussed the importance of accountability in both personal and business life, acknowledging the vital role it plays in weight loss and business success.

2. Professional Body Composition Scales: I highlighted the significance of investing in professional body composition scales, shedding light on the need for comprehensive understanding beyond standard scales.

3. Business Mindset: I openly shared my regret about not taking my business endeavor as seriously as I should have from the start, and the importance of passion and continuous improvement in marketing and business ventures.

Check out the full episode to learn more about my journey, the one 2 one diet, and the valuable insights shared about weight loss and entrepreneurship.

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