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Podcasts are an easy and effective way to promote your business. People buy from people and in the Harbough Hustle we get to know a bit more about the people behind the business. This is absolutely not a “buy my product or service” hard sell – we want to get to know a bit more about you – but it’s often said that people buy from people and in getting to know you better, it will of course increase the profile of you and your company.


Podcast Tips and Your Podcast Questions Answered

How do we record the show?

I’ll send you a link. You click on it and if you haven’t used the software on your device before it will ask for permission to use your camera and your microphone. Say yes!

Will it be just audio or video too?

People consume podcasts in different ways. To have as many listeners as possible, and in turn the best exposure for your business, it makes sense to offer the podcast in different formats. So, the plan is to record the show over something like Zoom and then make it available in audio or video across a range of podcast services

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need any specialist equipment. You can use a smartphone or a laptop which has a webcam. If you have an external microphone (i.e. one not built in) then that’s a bonus but it’s not essential. It’s the same for lighting. If you have a ring light or similar that’s great, but you’ll be fine without it. Wearing headphones or earbuds can reduce distractions and in some cases reduce unwanted audio feedback.

Where do we record?

We’ll be remote from each other. The most important piece of advice is to choose somewhere quiet if at all possible. Somewhere without noticeable background noise or probable sudden loud noises! Set your phone to silent, mute any pesky smart speakers from interrupting you, that sort of thing. Try to keep pets, kids and partners occupied elsewhere 😊  Wearing headphones or earbuds can reduce distractions and in some cases reduce unwanted audio feedback.

How long will it take?

Roughly half an hour

Does it go out live?

No. We publish shows some time after they are recorded. We’ll tell you beforehand when the show is going on air and we’ll send you posts that we highly recommend you put on your social media before it goes out so that people don’t miss it.

If I make a mistake, can we re-record or edit?

People are very receptive to real natural life on podcasts and expect the odd hiccup. They often respond better to that than a totally polished product. It’s meant to be a natural conversation after all and we are forever correcting ourselves in conversations; so unless it’s a major problem, we’ll just plough on.

Is my recording guaranteed to be published?

No. We reserve the right not to publish. We are not expecting this to happen but reasons that it might include, but are not limited to: technical issues, unacceptable language, legalities.

What happens before the day of the recording?

I’ll send you a copy of the questions we’ll use as a basis for our chat, so you’ve got time to think ahead!

What happens on the day?

We’ll meet up on Zoom or something similar and have a brief chat before any recording, to make sure you are comfortable and that the tech is behaving itself! Then I’ll start recording and give a short episode introduction which will end with “and now I’d like to introduce today’s guest, YOUR NAME, hello and welcome to YOUR NAME”. Please just stay quiet until you hear yourself welcomed, say hi, and I’ll kick off with the first question!

Do I have to pay to be on the show?

Not at all. It’s all part of promoting local. Having said that, if you’d like to leave a tip, it’ll be much appreciated and really help with the costs of running the show. Similarly, if you’d like to sponsor an episode – either this or another one – it all helps. This is a great way to get local exposure, let’s grow it together.

Do you have more questions?

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