Harborough Hustle Podcast


Getting to know local businesses better can help your local business.

There are many ways of doing this – such as coming along to a MHBN meeting – and listening and interacting with a podcast is another that is both easy and very time effective.


Why listen to the show?

Some Key Benefits of Our Podcast for you and your business


Gain valuable insights into local business practices


Discover new businesses



Support your local community


Find inspiration for your own venture

Business Growth

Discover potential partners, suppliers, customers


Learn more about the people behind the business

Even if the business is not directly aligned with your own, the people may well be, and that’s really useful to know.

Join IN

Be part of the solution

Looking and listening to what is happening in your local business community is a great start. But you know what is even better? Doing something!

Spread the Word

Use the resources we’ve made available for you to post on social media.

Tell your friends and contacts.

Contact the guests on the show

Contact our guests  – full details on each episode page – and let them know what you thought.

Strengthen relationships.

Apply to be on the show yourself!