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In today’s episode of Harborough Hustle, we had the pleasure of welcoming our first guest, Natalie, from Welland Valley Legal. Natalie’s inspiring journey in the legal services industry and her dedication to providing exceptional client experiences truly makes her a remarkable entrepreneur. Join us as we delve into her story and learn more about the outstanding services offered by Welland Valley Legal

A Passion for Personalized Legal Services:

Natalie’s background in the legal industry shines through her commitment to personalized services. Recognizing that bigger firms often allocate less experienced lawyers to handle cases, Natalie made it her mission to ensure that clients at Welland Valley Legal always have direct access to a highly experienced lawyer. With a firm belief in the importance of building trust and establishing strong client relationships, Natalie guarantees that every client receives the utmost attention and expertise.

A Journey of Entrepreneurship:

Having dreamed of owning her own business for years, Natalie took the plunge after the challenges imposed by lockdown. In 2021, she established Welland Valley Legal and began the process of getting regulated under the Solicitor Regulation Authority. Her dedication and determination to provide exceptional legal services have created a strong foothold for her business in a competitive industry.

Inspired by Success:

Natalie draws inspiration from her father, a successful business owner renowned for turning around multiple ventures. Learning from her father’s strong values of taking care of people, Natalie incorporates this principle into her own business. She understands that people are essential to any business’s success, and her unwavering dedication to her clients and staff reflects this.

A Remarkable Support System:

Natalie’s journey is a testament to the invaluable role of mentors in entrepreneurial endeavors. With a family friend who serves as a finance director at a large corporation, Natalie has received invaluable guidance and support. Her mentor has assisted her in various aspects of her business, including developing business plans, financial forecasts, and establishing efficient operational systems. This mentorship has helped Natalie navigate the complexities of running her own firm with confidence and success.

Outsourcing: An Investment in Excellence:

As an entrepreneur, Natalie understands the importance of focusing on one’s strengths and expertise. In our conversation, she emphasizes the significance of outsourcing certain areas of the business that might not align with her particular strengths. For instance, Natalie recognizes the value of investing in professionals for SEO and social media management, understanding that outsourcing can lead to better outcomes in these crucial areas of business growth.


Natalie’s journey with Welland Valley Legal is a testament to the power of passion, commitment, and personalized service. Her dedication to building trust with her clients and providing exceptional legal representation sets her apart in the industry. Through the guidance of her mentor and an understanding of the importance of outsourcing, Natalie has established a foundation for success. We are excited to see where Natalie and Welland Valley Legal go from here and wish her continued growth and prosperity.

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Trust, commitment, and excellence are the hallmarks of their practice, making Welland Valley Legal a go-to destination for all your legal needs.