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In today’s episode of the Harborough Hustle podcast, host Martin sits down with the talented Gemma Barder, the creative force behind MaHa Magazine. Gemma, the founder of this local publication, joins Martin to discuss her journey, inspirations, and the challenges of running a print magazine in the digital age. She is keen to emphasise the help and support she has in making this venture a continuing success.

Creating a Magazine that Represents Market Harborough:

Gemma’s passion for writing and her love for Market Harborough motivated her to start MaHa Magazine. She noticed that existing magazines didn’t fully capture the essence of the town she had moved into. Armed with a background in journalism and children’s publishing, Gemma set out to create a publication that would truly represent her vision of Market Harborough and its surrounding areas.

The Resurgence of Physical Media:

During their conversation, Gemma and Martin touch upon the recent resurgence of physical media, including vinyl records. Gemma believes that people are drawn to the tangible nature and aesthetic appeal of print magazines in a similar way to how vinyl records have gained popularity among music enthusiasts.

The Journey of MaHa Magazine:

Gemma shares the journey of MaHa Magazine, highlighting the small operation behind it and the control they have over every aspect of the publication. Martin commends the quality of the magazine and the impression it creates on its readers. Gemma reveals that MaHa Magazine is funded purely by advertising, a decision they made based on the demand for physical magazines in the Market Harborough community.

Lessons Learned and Growing Together:
Gemma discusses the valuable lessons she has learned throughout her journey of creating MaHa Magazine. She highlights the importance of constant learning and thinking about all aspects of running a business. Gemma openly shares a mistake they made with a misspelling on the cover of a Christmas issue, emphasising the importance of embracing failure as a learning opportunity.

Making an Impact:
Gemma expresses her pride and satisfaction when local businesses featured in the magazine give positive feedback about the impact MaHa Magazine has had on their business. The publication has helped attract new customers to various local establishments, thereby contributing to the thriving community of Market Harborough.

Beyond the Magazine:
Gemma shares her admiration for Beth Lambert, the founder of Refill Revolution and the Eco Village. Gemma’s encounters with Beth have been a source of inspiration and energy, as she admires Beth’s positive attitude and innovative ideas.

Gemma’s passion for writing, dedication to representing her community, and the unwavering support from friends and family have led to the creation of MaHa Magazine. As Gemma continues her journey with the publication, she embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, constantly adapting, learning, and growing. Market Harborough and its surrounding areas can be proud to have such a creative force behind a magazine that celebrates their unique charm and businesses.

To learn more about Gemma Barder and MaHa Magazine, check out their website and social media channels. And, as always, stay tuned for the next episode of the Harborough Hustle podcast!