Jen Parker


Meet Jen Parker: The Heart of Fuzzy Flamingo

In a world that’s ever-evolving and increasingly competitive, it’s refreshing to encounter someone like Jen Parker, a trailblazer in the publishing industry whose story we dive into in the latest episode of Harborough Hustle. As the founder of Fuzzy Flamingo, Jen has shaped a company that’s as unique as her journey – from employee to a business owner who’s altering the publishing landscape.

With years of experience under her belt, Jen has honed the art of book creation, mastering not just the technical aspects of production but the intricacies of what it means to support authors in telling their stories. Her journey wasn’t one of overnight success; she candidly shares her setbacks and lessons learned with our host, Martin, reflecting how the carefully engineered business model she now thrives on was a result of retrospection she wishes she had from the very start.

Fuzzy Flamingo stands out in the sea of publishing with its drive to make the process transparent and accessible. Jen didn’t shoulder this responsibility alone; she worked alongside a coach to effect palpable changes. A voracious reader herself, her personal development mantra has been shaped by countless self-help books, which reflect in her empathetic approach to mentorship and business.

One hallmark of Jen’s story is her passion for mentoring. When she discusses her upcoming opportunity to guide a care leaver, her excitement is palpable. It’s this desire to give back, to foster growth in others, that sets her apart. Yet, her journey also highlights the importance of self-preservation. Jen recalls the early days of her career where she said ‘yes’ too often – a testament to her eagerness but also a learning curve, understanding the need to prioritise health and wellbeing for herself and her clients.

Jen’s battle with being a people pleaser – a challenge she has bravely turned into strength – is a powerful reminder to all entrepreneurs about the essential balance between ambition and self-care. Her career could have taken a different route; she once dreamt of solving mysteries as a police detective, or perhaps treading the boards in a theatre. However, it is the rich tapestry of her experiences that has crafted the advocate for diversity and inclusion we see today, mirroring inspirational models like Bonnier Books in her pursuit for industry disruption.

Throughout our conversation, Jen’s achievements are presented not as trophies but as milestones of a journey still very much in motion. Through the pandemic, while traditional publishing floundered, Fuzzy Flamingo soared, riding the wave of self-publishing as authors sought alternative avenues to share their written word. It’s this adaptability and resilience which have not just defined Jen’s career but also become the cornerstone of her business ethos.

Above all, Jen is a storyteller seeking to amplify voices through her craft. Her holistic approach encompasses fiction and non-fiction works, with each project, from children’s books to life-altering memoirs, receiving a personal touch from her rich industry experience.

Listeners will be hard-pressed to find a more endearing and inspiring business owner. Jen’s ability to combine a strong entrepreneurial spirit with a vision for a more inclusive publishing world makes her stand out not just as a guest on Harborough Hustle but as a beacon in her industry. Be sure to connect with her through Fuzzy Flamingo’s social accounts and website to keep abreast of all she accomplishes – because if today’s episode is any indication, Jen Parker is only just getting started.

If you would like to learn more about Jen, be sure to check out the show notes in this episode of Harborough Hustle.
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